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What’s up?

I called Olivier after I left Fabian’s flat, as I walked to the city centre to meet Kate for a late lunch.


“Hey, sweetie.”

“How were things Gena?”

“Okay. I saw him and I didn’t break down or anything, so good, huh?”

“No, seriously.”

“It was ok. I know you’re going to think I am crazy, but he was nice to me and it was good, but it makes me sad at the same time.  You know?” My voice breaking.

“Everybody knows you’re crazy Gena.”

“Huh huh thanks for making me laugh, sweetie.  Really. But yeah, it confuses me being well treated now that we’re over and so far apart.”

“I think I can understand, genie girl, but what I don’t get is why you make yourself go through that.”

“I just cannot not do it, not know how it feels, not see him.” I started crying, but then got my focus back “but that’s not why I am calling.”

by Pierre Andrews


“No. I am calling about Dora.”


“Yes. Tell me about Dora.”

“She just started her masters in the department, she is Greek and bubbly.”

“And she became a good friend?”

“Yes, I mean, she joined the department, then tango, so she is part of the group now.”

“But is that all? I mean, she knows about Claudia, right?”

“I am not getting it Gena.”

“In that case let me tell you: she likes you.”

“What- why are you saying that?”

“Because you’re just out of a relationship and I wondered- you are my friend and the one I care about so it is not that I think it is bad, or good for that matter, if you like her and she is good for you, great but…”

“No. Why do you think she likes me?”

“Because she did not bother to hide! Did you see the face she made when she saw me?”


“Well, she clearly did not like to see me, her expression changed completely, it was evident.  So, if you hadn’t noticed, I am telling you this girl likes you.”

Olli laughed and I asked: “Why are you laughing?”

“Well, I guess she probably wasn’t expecting to see you or maybe she reacted like David and Isabelle.”

“What do you mean?”

“David is living with me now and Isabelle comes most weekends, right?”


“So, when they woke up they heard us talking in the living room and, when I came back, they asked me who was here this morning.”


“I said, Gena. And Isabelle asked me if we were together.”


“Yes. They thought you had spent the night.”

“Are those people crazy? “

“Don’t worry, I told them you had come for coffee this morning.”

“But I mean, they surely know you’ve just broken up with Claudia and that I was with Fabian and we are friends…”

“Well, that’s why Isabelle said, is she with you now?”

“What does she think? That I am just checking who is free so I can sleep around with all your department?”

“I don’t know, but she said they thought you were going out with Bruno first-”

“Bruno? Why, because we’re Brazilians?”

“I know it doesn’t make any sense”, he kept laughing, “but they thought you were with Bruno and then they saw you with Fabian and they did not know who you were with, so maybe that’s exactly what they think”, and he bursted out laughing.

“For fuck sake! Bruno is Fabian’s best friend and that’s how we interacted.”

“I know, Gena, but it is funny”

“No, it isn’t funny. It is actually pretty sad that you guys are incapable of talking to one another and when I do it is so strange that I must be doing you!”


“I tell Fabian you like him and I tell you he likes you and is concerned about you, but you don’t talk. I go to see Fabian and Bruno collapses in my arms because I give him a hug and he cannot talk to Fabian about his break up and if I leave them up to it they will talk about whatever orthogonality rather than about what they feel.”, I said things faster and louder as I was getting more serious about the topic.

“He broke up with Tata?”

“Apparently, yes, but if you want to know about it, you will have to ask him and, by the way, that was the same thing I told them about you and Claudia when they asked me if you guys had broken up.”

“Fair enough.”

“So you don’t talk to your friends and then you want to make me interrogate you even when you call me because you need help. I am appalled by how useless you guys are!”


“I am not done. And then if I get to talk to any of you I suddenly am talked about as if I were the town’s slut. It is not funny and I am bloody tired of that! I really am and I am happy I live in London now because you can’t even bloody breathe in this town.”

“Gena, I am sorry, I didn’t think you would be so upset.”

“Of course I am upset.  All I did was fall for Fabian and, when I fell, he was like a bulldozer over me. I am still freaking crying when I see the man, but then I am the men eater when I haven’t done a bloody thing.  I know it is not your view, but it is infuriating and I need to vent.  The double standards, the misrepresentation.”

“I’m sorry, Gena. I didn’t mean to be insensitive. I know it’s been tough for you.”

I gave an enormous sight, then big breath and tried to contain myself: “No no, I’m sorry, sweetie.  I know you didn’t mean it that way. I should have been able to laugh at it, you know?” I gave another biggish sigh.

“You’ve just seen Fabian, it wasn’t the time.”

“Sorry I snapped at you, okay?”


“You’re not useless; you’re a good friend, okay?”

“Come on Gena, don’t get sappy now.”

“Okay, sorry.”, I managed to sniff and laugh at the same time, “Listen, I’m seeing Kate for lunch so I’ll get myself together, ok?”

“Have a good lunch.”

“I will; and you take care of yourself and keep me posted on your developments and Dora…”

“I will, sweetie. Take care.”


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